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Design, rapid prototyping, minimum viable product development, end-to-end development, and system integration.

We are experts in 3D/2D Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics.

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The problem

Computer vision and Artificial Intelligence are revolutionizing industry and offering sophisticated automation solutions. Risk mitigation & management, automated monitoring & security, helping to achieve operational efficiency in industrial environments by implementing robotic solutions.

It’s a must in this competitive environment to have Computer Vision, AI, Robotic solutions.

How to start, what are pitfalls – to many uncertainties; high risk; fear of not completing projects on time and within the budget; to high investment; high pressure to get fast results.

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Imagine you have a team of professionals that understands your challenges. They are fully 100% dedicated to your project just like an in-house developer. They are experts in technology and can guide you in finding the most effective ways to build your products and bring them to market quickly.

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How to get there?

Accelerate time to market with early risk mitigation. Reduce time, budget, technological uncertainties.

  • 1
    Proof of concept
    Can it be done?
  • 2
    How it will be done?
  • 3
    Computer Vision, AI, Robotic solution development
    How it will be done?
  • 4
    Minimum Marketable Product
    Ready to go to market.

Let’s talk about your challenge

Get full understanding of the business, the pains, the hopes, and the assumptions.
Time: 45 minutes

Outcome: recommendations on how to proceed with your project.

Let’s use our expertise to validate assumptions quickly

Finding working solutions to technical issues.
Time: 1-5 days

Outcome: Proof of concept. Get evidence that your computer vision, AI, robotic project is feasible and deliver tangible value.

Rapid prototyping

Validate the strategic technological direction of a solution. Using a prototype for technology testing gives you enough time to make changes to critical technological issues before the product reaches development. Multiple iterations generated during a short period based on user feedback and analysis.
Time: 1-2 weeks

Outcome: prototype - a simple representation of your complex idea. Rapid prototype delivers: a backlog that defines the MVP; an estimate for MVP; a detailed release plan and build strategy.

The first working product of your solution

Which includes the essential core and minimal functionality that is required to execute the task. You present your MVP to your end-users and get their feedback. MVP offers the right number of features to satisfy your users and enables continuous user feedback for improvement.

Iterative development process

Each MVP will be ready to use with certain functionality. At each stage you can add additional functionality, features and combine them into new MVP. After each stage you can test features and get feedback from users.
Each stage could take 2-4 weeks

Minimum Marketable Product

  • Ship to market
  • System integration
  • Solution stabilization
  • Support & maintenance

Outcome: Minimum Marketable Product – ready to go to market.

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System architecture / Software design / Evaluate technology
Proof of Concept (PoC) / Rapid prototyping / Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Software engineering
New product development / Custom Software development / End-to-End development
Dedicated teams & teams extension
Emerging technologies
Digital Twins / Edge Computing / Simulations / Data Visualization
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Computer vision
Sense, interpret, understand the visual world


Artificial intelligence
Simulate human intelligence processes by machines, computer systems


Automate processes
Transform Your Research Ideas into Reality

Our core capabilities



C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, MATLAB





Frameworks, libraries and tools

Computer vision

OpenCV, PCL, Open3D, ITK, VisionWorks, NVIDIA DeepStream


ROS, ROS2, Gazebo


Pytorch, TensorFlow, Numpy, Scipy, Scikit-learn,, Pandas

UI & Visualization

QT, React, VTK, Cesium, Potree,, OpenGL, WebGL, Android apps


Methods and algorithms

Computer vision

Structure from motion, SLAM, Object Detection, Classification, Tracking, Calibration, Pose estimation, Filtering, Vectorization, Stereo vision, Point cloud processing, Tiling Robotics:


Path planning, Localization, Indoor Navigation, Obstacle avoidance, PID control, Task execution, Embedded systems, Real-time systems


ANN, Reinforcement learning, Markov chains, Monte Carlo method, Clustering, Semantic Segmentation, Heuristic methods, Metaheuristic methods



Membership and partners

Member of Artificial Intelligence Association of Lithuania
Lietuvos dirbtinio intelekto asociacija
Member of Kaunas Science and Technology Park
Tech-Park Kaunas
Member of Engineering and Technology Industries Association of Lithuania
Collaboration with EIT manufacturing
EIT Manufacturing